1884 saw the construction of the Edson Baumgardner mansion at 2015 Parkwood Avenue.   It was designed by architect Arthur Burnside Struges.

The 1891 Polk's Toledo Directory listed an architect by the name of A. Burnside Sturges as boarding at 407 Irving in Toledo's Old West End. His office was located in the Chamber of Commerce Building.

The Monticello Hotel, later known as the Milner and Earle, was designed by architect Sturges. Located at 902-08 Jefferson Avenue near Michigan, it was constructed in 1892-3 and burned in 1974.

The Burnside Sturges Home2062 Robinwood was built in 1893 by plans drawn up by its first owner, A. Burnside Sturges, with his office now located in the Spitzer Building. Mr. Sturges' name appeared as the occupant of the mansion in the 1896, 1900 and the 1907 Polk city directories. In 1896 Alice Rodgers boarded in the home and the live-in domestic was Emma Roethlisberger, while in 1900 the domestic was Louise Ammon.

The "Rock Castle" at 2052 Robinwood was built in 1894. It was home to Michael Hehanan, a stone mason. John Breymann, of G. H. Breymann & Brothers, purchased the Hehanan property and employed architect A. Burnside Sturges, 334 The Spitzer, of 2062 Robinwood to make plans for its remodeling according to an article in the January 26, 1900 issue of the Toledo News-Bee.

Collingwood HallCollingwood Hall, 2300 Collingwood Avenue (now Boulevard), was designed by Architect Sturges and constructed in 1895. The Venetian Gothic-style building was built for entertainment. It was demolished in 1939.

Moses Bloch commissioned Sturges to design his Prairie-style home at 2272 Scottwood Avenue. It was constructed in 1909 just before Sturges' departure to the West Coast.

According to Nancy Hadley, archivist at the national AIA, Arthur Burnside Sturges gave his business address as 705 The Spitzer, Toledo, Ohio in his 1910 membership application and 617 Story Building in Los Angelos, California in his 1911 application. The 1910 Polk's Toledo Directory indicated that Mr. Sturges had moved to San Diego, California ( perhaps a mistake).

Architect Sturges designed a home to be built in 1923 for Harry Warner of Warner Bros. Studios in the Hancock Park area of Los Angeles. The Georgian Colonial has a plaque with Burnside Sturges' name engraved upon it. The corner lot includes a tennis court, pool and a guest house. The home has retained much of its original charm. The basement is home to the original screening room with maple-paneled walls and a movie projection booth.