Norval Bacon was born in New York in 1838.  He became an architect and designed his home at 2115 Parkwood Avenue, constructed in 1895.  The 1900 Census listed Norval B. Bacon and his wife Louse along with his widowed brother-in-law William N. Cleveland.  His wife Mrs. Margaret Louise Cleveland Bacon was the sister of President Grover Cleveland.  The family servants in 1900 included Michigan-born Mary Delmer, 26 and Maggie Gradwohl, 16.

The 1910 Census listed Mr. and Mrs. Bacon who were in their early 70s along with their 33 year-old daughter Janette T. Bacon and Ohio-born servant Frances VanCarson, age 35.  The 1880 Census revealed that the couple also had a son named Cecil.

Norval Bacon's Home at 2115 Parkwood

Norval B. Bacon died on April 14, 1913.  His widow Mrs. Margaret Louis Cleveland Bacon died at the age of 93.  Their Parkwood Avenue home was demolished in 1964 to vacate land for a public housing project.