Architect Louis G. Welker lived at 2301 Monroe Street according to the 1900 and 1910 Polk city directories.  Mr. Welker was born in Ohio in 1858 or 1859.  He married Missouri-born Louisa A. Fey in 1884.  The 1910 directory listed 19 year-old daughter Helen D. Welker, an assistant with the Toledo Public Library, and 23 year-old daughter Olga A. Welker as boarding in this home.  Also, according to the 1910 Census records, widow and mother-in-law Anna D. Fey, 77, lived in the Monroe Street home along with 40 year-old servant Emma Pressler. 

The 1900 Census records also listed his father-in-law George Fey who passed away by the 1910 Census and also listed Louis' cousin, New York-born John D. Fromm, as living at 2301 Monroe with the Welker family.