1901 Collingwood-Sam Fisk Home
The circ-1890 Sam Fisk Home, an 18-room mansion stood at 1861 Collingwood Avenue.  The 1896-1900 directories listed Harry Dowling who died in 1901 as the resident of renumbered 1901 Collingwood.  The 1907-1924 directories listed Herbert Wilson, the secretary/ treasurer of the Buckeye Brewing Company, as the occupant. Twice-widowed Eleanor (Coghlin) Dowling Wilson lived here in 1940 with daughter Ida Dowling.  The '54 directory indicated that Miss Dowling lived in the "garage".  In '57, after twenty-eight years of pressure, Ida Dowling sold her family home to the city of Toledo for the Jefferson Avenue extension project.  Today, a portion of 1901 is owned by the TMA.
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